This Site page contains:
  • Terms and conditions for using this Site and all the data provided therein;
  • Terms and conditions for using a Merchant Panel on this Site;
  • Conditions for gathering, storing and using Merchant’s sensitive data;
  • Other legal information.

I. Basic Terms

  • The term “Site” hereby defines Bilderlings Pay entire website under its domain name www.bilderlingspay.com.
  • The term “Company” hereby defines Bilderlings Pay, Ltd - a company registered in Latvia and bearing the following ID: 40103869042ином «Компания» понимается компания Bilderlings Pay, SIA, зарегистрированная в Латвийской Республике с регистрационным номером 40103869042.
  • The term “Merchant” hereby defines any individual (including any legal entity’s representative) browsing this Site and looking through informative Site pages, as well as any individual registered on the Site and using its Merchant Panel.ином «Торговец» понимается любое лицо (в том числе представитель юридического лица), просматривающее этот Сайт, размещенные на Сайте материалы и информацию, а также лицо, зарегистрировавшее и использующее на Сайте Личный кабинет.
  • The term “Policy” hereby defines this Site’s Policy of Use and other legal information.ином «Политика» понимается эта Политика использования сайта и иная правовая информация.
  • The term “Merchant Panel” hereby defines a private dashboard that represents statistical data, transaction reports and other financial information of the Merchant.ином «Личный кабинет» понимается панель, в которой представлены статистические данные и отчетность о финансовой активности и транзакциях Торговца.
II. General Agreement Information
Purpose of Agreement
The purpose of this Agreement is: to maintain harmonious and mutually beneficial relationships between the members of the Bilderlings Pay, ltd and its partner Merchants, and to state certain terms and conditions for such partnership, involving general working conditions, financial and privacy issues, etc.
The Service
All payment processing services are provided to you by Bilderlings Pay, ltd, a Latvian company situated in Riga, subject to the following Terms. Bilderlings Pay, ltd may also offer other services under different terms of service.
Bilderlings Pay Services are provided only to those individuals above 18 years of age, or of such legal age as is allowed in your jurisdiction to effectuate a legally binding contract.
Communication with Bilderlings Pay
The Service may include certain communication from Bilderlings Pay, such as service announcements, administrative messages and newsletters. It is implied that these communications play an important role in using the Services. As part of our privacy policy on providing total privacy to our Merchants, we also provide you the option of opting out from receiving e-mails from us. However, this may prevent us from providing effective service to the Merchant.
III. Terms of Use
Rights of the Merchant
  • The Merchant has a right to refer to the Site support service with questions, claims, recommendations for work improvement, or with any other information;
  • The Merchant has a right to demand for all of his sensitive information issued to the Company to be fully protected and not distributed to any third parties, except for the cases where such distribution is essential for the Company to provide qualitative service to the current Merchant;
  • View full, detailed and timely transaction information, payment statistics and other financial data from his Merchant Panel;
  • Get a timely notifications about fraudulent or potentially harmful activities performed by third parties, and combine efforts with the Company to ensure these activities are stopped.
Obligations of the Merchant
  • The Merchant must take all Terms of Use for this Site into consideration, along with all the safety rules for the Site usage established by the Company, fully and unconditionally;
  • The Merchant agrees that confidentiality of the data transmitted via the Internet isn't guaranteed in case when third parties get access to these data out of the communication facility zone subjected to the Company; therefore the site shall not be liable for the damage, caused by such an access;
  • Upon registration on the site, the Merchant shall provide reliable and exact information about himself/herself and his/her contact information to the Company;
  • Upon registration on the Site, the Merchant receives login and password for the safety of which he/she bears full responsibility. The Merchant is obliged to change his/her personal account login data immediately if there are reasons to suspect that his/her login, e-mail address and password were revealed or may be used by third parties;
  • When using the Site the Merchant shall only enter data that corresponds to reality and the legislation. Otherwise, the Company has the right to block this Merchant's operations;
  • The Merchant shall follow all the requirements of the Company in order to help ensure functionality and safety of the site;
  • The Merchant is to ensure the absence of any malicious software on the computer: in case of any losses all the responsibility falls on the Merchant;
  • The Merchant shall not break safety rules and confidentiality of the Company;
  • The Merchant shall report about any changes of personal information;
  • The Merchant shall observe all the points of the Company policy. Violation of the policy places responsibility for the losses, suffered as a result of such actions, on the Merchant;
  • The Merchant shall not use the access to the Site to perform any illegal activity.
Rights of the Company
  • The Company has a right to make changes to the site, its components and the policy of the company independently or by means of the third parties.
  • The Company has a right to ask the Merchant to follow the rules of work of the site, and also to meet safety requirements in terms of work with the site.
  • The Company has a right to make any actions directed on the execution of conditions of cooperation and necessary for safety and functionality of the site.
  • The Company has a right to perform repairing and scheduled maintenance of the site at any time.
  • The Company has a right to carry out control over the personal account of the Merchant.
  • The Company has a right to block the Merchant’s account in case of violation of the company's policy.
Obligations of the Company
  • The Company shall not transfer confidential information to third parties and shall treat confidential information of any person, which became the visitor of this site, with due respect and responsibility.
  • The Company shall ensure safety and functionality of the site in return.
  • The Company shall provide the Merchant with full and reliable information about the state of his/her personal account on the site.
  • The Company shall ensure security of the Merchant's data from loss, disclosure and unauthorized access by third parties through application of security systems technologies, implementation of the limited access mode and control of data access by authorized employees.
Responsibilities of the Company:
  • The Company under no circumstances bears responsibility for any damage, which may arise from Site usage, impossibility of usage or as a result of such usage.
  • The Company doesn't bear responsibility for any indirect real damage or the missed benefit of the Merchant or third parties.
  • The Company isn't responsible for the Merchant's losses which have resulted from illegal actions of third parties.
  • The Company isn't responsible for the Merchant's losses which have resulted from malicious programs in the equipment or malware, wrong filling of the information in the documents or violation of the cooperation conditions.
  • The Company doesn't guarantee functional work of the site under force majeure circumstances and in unforeseen situations.
  • External references can be placed on the site of the Company, and the Company doesn't bear responsibility for them.
  • The Company isn't responsible for malfunctions, mistakes and failures in the working process of programs or hardware facilities which provide functioning of the Site, caused by reasons beyond the control of the Company, and also the Merchant's losses caused by them.
IV. Other Legal Information
1. Copyright and trademarks
All rights reserved
Unless stated otherwise or anything contained to the contrary or any proprietary material owned by a third party and so expressly mentioned, Bilderlings Pay, Ltd owns all Intellectual Property Rights to and into the Bilderlings Pay Site content. Viewing, copying, printing and publishing any of that content is only possible in compliance with the following terms:
  • Merchant is not eligible to make any changes to the content downloaded (or printed), which includes omitting conditions, trademarks and copyright signs from this content;
  • Site content can only be used for informative purposes;
  • Site content may be viewed, copied, printed and published only with the Company’s written agreement; no copy of the Site’s content or its fragment may be published without according copyright information;
  • It is prohibited to use any of this Site’s content for illegal, libelous, inappropriate or blackmailing purposes.
All brand names, trademarks, logos, headlines, phrases, expressions, templates, etc. are considered copyright-protected information of the Company (or legally used by the Company in case of third party ownership). These trademarks can all be marked with the according symbol (®, ™, other) that acknowledge trademark ownership. Any unauthorized downloading, publishing, copying and altering of this information along with the abovementioned trademark signs may lead to legal prosecution.
2. Restriction of Use
In addition to all other Terms of Use for this Site, the Merchant is obliged:
  • not to transfer or otherwise make Bilderlings Pay Services available to any third party;
  • not to provide any service derived from the Bilderlings Pay Services without prior written permission from the Company representatives;
3. Applicable laws and dispute resolution
Use of this Site is governed by the laws of the Republic of Latvia. All disputes concerning this Site Policy are being settled by the courts of the Republic of Latvia.
4. Legal address of the Company
Legal address of the Company: Pils st. 8/10, Riga, LV-1050, Latvia.
5. Support
Feel free to e-mail all your questions, comments and queries to our support team: info@bilderlingspay.com