Payment solutions

Bilderlings Pay offers payment solutions that make online payment much easier and help your business grow. Clients can now pay:
on-site via e-invoice

Innovative payment solutions

Card payment
Accept payments online from almost anywhere directly in your online shop. We offer a broad range of online transaction types to meet your customer needs
If you register for (or already have) a BlueOrange Bank acccount, your money will be available to you within a day.
Charges applied to a cardholder in predetermined intervals for services or goods of an ongoing nature (memberships, subscriptions)
One click
This solution allows repetitive clients making online purchases with a single click, using the payment information needed to complete the purchase previously entered by the user.
MO/TO (Mail Order/Telephone Order) allows merchants to receive an offline payment confirmation from the client by phone or mail.
Plugins / API
Our open Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to accept payments right from your own website with no extra risks.
It takes only a couple of minutes to create and issue an express e-invoice – and just a couple of seconds for your client to pay it. All you need to know is your client’s phone number or e-mail address.
Additional level of security mostly used for recurring and big sum transactions to verify user and avoid fraud.
Our Key Benefits
  • Merchant panel
  • Customizable payment page
  • Mobile app
  • Maximum security
  • API / plugin integration
  • 24/7 support

Merchants earn more with Bilderlings Pay

security filters customized according to PCI DSS version 3.2. certificate.
successful transactions: almost perfect payment permeability.
payment page conversion increase due to template designs carefully thought out by our UX specialists.

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