API Introduction

  • BilderlingsPay payment gateway provides API to make credit card transactions. API can be used to process the transactions using methods in one step (Single Message System, SMS) or in two steps (Dual Message System, DMS) and recurring payment registration. All of these transactions can be done with 3D-Secure authentication or without . API can also be used for recurrent transactions and MOTO transactions. For all transactions refunds and payment reversals can be requested using same API.
  • To start using API you need to apply for BilderlingsPay API and merchant credentials.
  • BilderlingsPay RESTful API is using JSON format. Security and request signing uses SHA-512 algorithm. It is possible to use test environment during the integration process. To switch between test and live modes use different API credentials and base URL. All required credentials and URLs will be provided by your client manager.